What in the World?

Fun for Kids, Puns for All, and General Cross-Cultural Shenanigans

A light-hearted look at the world’s diversity, CCMM’s What in the World? series of ZOOM films explores an assortment of objects and their variations – from lunchboxes to headrests, wedding traditions to fertility charms, coffee pots to lights.

What in the World features a cast of characters, including “Lady Puppet,” Brutha Bear, Nathalie the Spy, Conchy, Museum Lady, Blazer Gleam the Game Time host, and Julia, who helps keep everyone in line. Students and others are invited to participate with their own cultural stories. Be sure to watch as CCMM asks “What in the World?” 


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Exploring the world

What in the World? Episodes

CCMM’s What in the World? episodes explore a wide variety of topics that everyone will find interesting. With world trivia, quizzes, and special guests, you’ll get sucked in to this super funny journey around the world! You may never look at your lunchbox the same way!

Episode 1 – Introduction Part I

Episode 2 – Introduction Part II

Episode 3 – Looooooooove

You won’t want to miss a single episode, so stay tuned!


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Fun episodes that encourage cross-cultural understanding


Wide reach and entertaining content for all ages 


On-demand access


Opportunities for participation



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