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CCMM is piloting a dynamic on-line program for students and teachers, highlighting the diversity and similarity of the ways people accomplish the same goals. Transforming the original on-campus Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum program, CCMM has created themed modules with recorded presentations, 3-dimensional artifact models, built-in activities, and tons of supplemental materials and resources. Against a backdrop of hundreds of ethnographic objects and artifacts, CCMM spotlights artifacts and art objects used in similar (and different!) ways across cultures and time, contextualizing with real-world examples. Each module provides for student participation, helping students and teachers alike to maximize impact and enhance classroom learning.

The Connecting Cultures Online program permits schools that would ordinarily be unable to host the Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum’s physical exhibit, due to geographic distance or size constraints, to give their students an opportunity to travel around the world through CCMM’s curated collection of international artifacts. Exposing students to the various objects that people use to satisfy their needs helps expand students’ world views, teaching them in an inclusive way that different is not wrong. Schools that already host the Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum program may supplement their experience with Connecting Cultures Online presentations, which explore topics in greater depth.

Currently in its pilot phase, the Connecting Cultures Online program is eager to serve as many students as possible as soon as possible!


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Connecting Cultures Online Units

CCMM thinks everyone should be able to explore the wonders of the world. Using its comprehensive ethnographic collection of thousands of art objects and artifacts as a jumping off point, the Connecting Cultures Online learning modules explore the human experience through CCMM’s three main exhibitions – Commercial Connections (natural resources and world trade), Spiritual Connections (spirituality and religion, masks, and musical instruments), and Everyday Connections (traditional clothing, games, sports, and good luck charms).

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program Benefits

Themed units that explore cultural diversity and similarity


3-dimensional artifact models that bring learning to life


On-demand access and coordination with CCMM


Wide reach and relevancy to in-school curriculum




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