CCMM’s Exhibitions

Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum’s comprehensive collection of international artifacts and art objects spans cultures from all levels of development and all periods of time – from modern cities to indigenous villages, from modern countries to ancient civilizations.

Main Exhibitions

CCMM’s collection is divided into three discrete, thematic exhibitions and presentations, each of which boasts an assortment of artifacts as equally diverse as the complete collection. The exhibitions are carefully curated to encourage students to find similarities in the human experience. 

Featured in the CCMM-in-Schools program, which is primarily designed to serve three-year middle schools, CCMM displays each of the three exhibitions in consecutive years so that by the end of their three years in middle school, students will have seen the entire collection.

Commercial Connections


This collection invites students to explore the way in which centuries of world trade has created today’s global community. CCMM shows how people everywhere satisfy their needs first with objects made with their own indigenous materials and natural resources, and then with objects made from materials acquired through conquest and trade. Students learn about how the need for natural resources leads to the exchange of goods and materials AND ideas.


Spiritual Connections


This collection encourages students to step outside their daily experiences and to examine the role that spirituality plays in many cultures. CCMM challenges the idea that there is one correct way to view spirituality by offering students the opportunity to examine the diverse ways that people from around the world practice their beliefs – with masks, organized religion, and musical instruments. CCMM centers its exploration of modern religion in ancient religions, many of which are still practiced today!


Everyday Connections


This collection offers students an opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes. With historic and traditional clothing, games and sports, and good luck charms students will discover that people throughout the world do similar things on an everyday basis: people entertain themselves through play; people protect themselves and their homes with personal talismans or public displays; and people dress based on their climate, available materials, religions, and occasion.




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