CCMM’s Programs


CCMM’s programs aim to:

  • increase understanding and respect for cultural diversity
  • develop students’ cultural competence
  • support and enhance classroom learning

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Connecting Cultures Online

CCMM thinks everyone should be able to explore the wonders of the world. With thematic videos, 3-dimensional artifact models, built-in activities and assessments, and tons of extra resources, Connecting Cultures Online  enhances student learning. 

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Connecting Cultures Mobile Museum

The CCMM-in-Schools program brings a unique cross-cultural museum experience directly into participating Los Angeles-area schools. With a collection of more than 3,000 international artifacts and art objects, CCMM introduces students to the sights, sounds, smell, taste, and feel of world cultures.

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Culture Kits

Coming Soon!

CCMM’s Culture Kits spark curiosity and appreciation for the world’s cultures with specially curated projects and crafts. With a variety of activities appropriate for kids and adults alike, CCMM’s Culture Kits activate the explorer in all of us!

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“It is very important for us to expand our knowledge and to fly across our border to learn about the world.”

Jose S., Student

“The students see things that are important to them and that makes them eager to learn.”

Blair Carrol, Teacher and Librarian

“It is such a great idea to have students interact with your collections!”

Malin S., Student

“Just wanted to let you know how important your work is and how grateful we are to have you bring Connecting Cultures to our school.”

Bonnie Murrow, Principal


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